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I have been involved in Electronic music for over twenty years, writing my own compositions and working and performing with other artists.

I played keyboards for several bands, the piano is a great instrument but I really love the sounds made by synthesisers. 

In total contrast I enjoy playing acoustic music, I spent many years learning to play the mandolin in the style of Bill Monroe to get that Bluegrass sound.

I learnt all my music theory playing acoustic music whether its playing rhythm guitar or just getting a band to sound good.




 It all started for me in the late 1970’s the time of Disco, Funk, Northern Soul and Reggae, that was the dance music being played at night clubs and I loved the buzz back then.  

I wanted to play musical instruments which took me in the direction of acoustic music and bluegrass. I took up the mandolin and also learnt to play guitar, bass and piano.

Things changed for me when I discovered the synthesiser and the possibilities it offers in the hands of greats like Joe Zavinul of Weather Report. 

Some years later I discovered how synthesisers were being used in Dance music, especially Trance, I was instantly drawn by the sound and atmosphere that could be created in the right hands and the right settings.

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