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The Sofa Kingdom

As the population unwinds and makes itself comfortable on their Sofas. Adjusting cushions, sinking into the soft fabrics, turning down the lights.

Fake Lords and Ladies they sit back to be entertained by the fools, jesters, liars and thieves who make up their Kingdom. The curtains are pulled back and every night they are mesmerised and shocked but ultimately absorbed and fatigued by the puppet show and its performers.

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Slowly the very fabric of our society is being sold to the highest bidder. The masses are being dumbed down and robbed of everything that was once believed to be theirs. The locusts move in stripping away all  they want.  Unsuspected foe swapping treasures for their worthless offerings; always righteous during dramas, spectacles, wars and disasters.  Have you noticed they never stop? they never have time or inclination to partake in these diversions. As new chapter starts  they will be gone; their legacy felt for many years but their actions soon forgotten in the noise and turmoil that always follows.


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